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The Great Lakes Physician Services team builds a relationship with your managers and employees to provide personalized care and proactive guidance supporting wellness, regulatory compliance and return to & stay at work programs.

Great Lakes Physician Services occupational health office offers a full range of occupational health services for the business community including physicals, drug testing, and assisting in the development of sound cooperate health policies and procedures. We are conveniently located within the Erie County Medical Center, adjacent to the Trauma 1 Emergency Department. We also offer on-sight services for companies or schools requests.

Whether an acute injury or illness requiring episodic care or any ongoing medical problems, our professional staff is prepared to take care of you. We promote wellness, safety and quality of life by providing superior health services that encourage health & wellness, control illness, injury and disability within your organization.

Audiology Testing

All Audiology testing is performed according to OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.95 within a certified hearing booth.

Blood Borne Pathogen Testing and Follow-up

Completed via NYS Dept of Health guidelines

Great Lakes Physician Services will evaluate and treat patients according to the type of blood-borne pathogen exposure.  Patients will follow an approved testing schedule as well as receive counseling on any medications or further follow-up needed.

DOT Physicals

Our FMCSA Registered Certified Medical Providers perform DOT Medical Evaluations in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 CFR 391.41-391.49).

Please call the office at 716.898.4153 to set up your DOT Medical Evaluation.

Drug and Alcohol Testing and reporting

At Great Lakes Physician Services we offer the following methods of Drug and Alcohol Testing whether it be for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-injury, or any circumstance that your company requests.

Hair Follicle Testing

Hair Follicle Testing can provide up to a 90 day use history and is the most effective way to show a use pattern. The hair follicle is collected and sent to an accredited lab for testing. Results are sent to our Medical Review Officer, Dr. David P. Hughes. Hair Follicle Collections will need an authorized account set up with our billing department before they can be performed.

Urine Testing

Great Lakes Physician Services can administer Federal DOT and non DOT Urine Drug Screening Collections. Specimens will be sent to and tested at an accredited laboratory/facility. Results will be reviewed by our Certified Medical Review Officer, Dr. David P. Hughes to determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for all laboratory confirmed positive results. Records of results will be reported to the employer in a timely manner and be kept on hand and maintained through our office so they are readily available when needed.


This test can be performed at our office and results will be reviewed by Dr. David P. Hughes, Medical Director for Great Lakes Physician Services.


The providers at Great Lakes Physician Services can consult and administer the following vaccinations:
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Twinrix A/B Combo, Japanese Encephalitis (Ixaro), MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), Meningitis (Menactra), Pre-exposure Rabies, Polio, Tetanus Diptheria, Tetanus Diptheria Pertussis, Typhoid, Varicella (Chicken Pox), Yellow Fever (with international certificate of vaccination)

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services available for the specimen collections taken in our office:


Great Lakes Physician Services has the ability to administer any type of physical that you or your company needs for new hires, school and sports, or annual. Please bring in all required paperwork from employer or school that needs to be completed. School physicals will need to also bring in a copy of most recent shot/vaccination record:

* Please contact our office to set up a detailed physical package for your company.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Great Lakes Physician Services uses the latest software for Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT).  This test is used to measure airflow to the lungs and to see how well the lungs are functioning.

Each PFT is carried out to comply with OSHA's respiratory protection (CFR 1910.134) and respiratory surveillance (CFR 1910.1043) as well as ARS, NIOSH and NFPA 1582 Guidelines.

Respiratory Fit Testing

In 2014, OSHA mandated the use of the OSHA CFP 1910.134 Respiratory Standard for all healthcare facilities in the U.S. Great Lakes Physician Services offers on-line Medical Clearance as well as on-site and in office fit testing for the N95 Respirator. If you wish for on-site testing for your company, please complete a request for services. For on-line Medical Clearance, please visit fittestusa.com

Vision Screening

We offer near vision, far vision, depth perception, peripheral vision, and color vision screening.

Work Related Injury or Illness

Great Lakes Physician Services follows Workers Compensation National and State Guidelines when treating an injured worker. Our office will be in contact with your company as well as the Compensation Carrier to ensure the employee has proper and timely treatment for their injury. All records will be maintained at our office for easy accessibility to the employer and Comp Carrier.

To verify that we are able to perform the test you need, please contact with the office with more detailed information regarding the test you are requesting.

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